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blueberry NDL 485

blueberry NDL 485 is a modular data logger system für wind turbine power curve measurement, environmental monitoring and meteorological research.

Up to 10 Hz sampling rate and a large data memory makes it suitabel for recording of high resolution time series, e.g., from turbulence measurements with sonic anemometers. The serial RS485 bus interfaces 'intelligent' sensors (sonic anemometers, present weather sensors, cloud ceilometers) and sensor extension modules. The Ethernet interface allows for integration into PC networks (LAN) or into SCADA systems. The integrated web interface provides local access by Internet browser and global realtime access via Internet. The NDL485 sends data automatically via eMail, FTP and RSYNC. It is used for online weather stations with graphical data display in the Internet.Switching outputs enable the use for simple control tasks. Direct Internet access ensures realtime monitoring at remote measurement sites.