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200m Mast Wolfhagen

Collaboration project between Wilmers Messtechnik, the swedish mast manufacturer Telecon and the accreditated measurement institute Windtest Grevenbroich. Europe's highest wind measurement mast was installed in Wolfhagen near Kassel/Germany on behalf of Fraunhofer IWES. The purpose of this research project is the determination of wind climate in forrested areas and the intercomparison between mast measurements and remote sensing systems (LiDAR, SoDAR). High resolution turbulence measurements with sonic anemometers (50 Hz sampling rate) and the integration of more than 40 sensors were a challenge for the specially designed measurement system. The data acquisition system is based on two blueberry NDL485 data loggers.

Wind Measurement Systems for Cold Climate

Reliable wind measurements in the North of Scandinavia require heated wind sensors. Together with our swedish partner Telecon we developed the autonomous diesel generator system WindPowerPack. The generator provides remote monitoring via Internet. The data logger reports all operation parameters. Automatic eMails are transmitted in case of failure and maintenance requirements.

Wind Site Assessment

Our data logger blueberry COMPACT is one of the international standards for wind and solar energy site assessment. It is established in extreme climates from the Jordan desert to Kazakh winter sites. blueberry COMPACT features an easy-to-use web interface, reliable data transmission via Internet and the flexible integration of virtually any type of sensor. The logger provides integrated overvoltage protection for all terminals, a solar charge controller, GPRS modem and a barometric pressure sensor in a IP65 enclosure.

Petrol Station Control Sytem

Wilmers Messtechnik designed a control system for the petrol station of a logistic company. Only authorised staff are allowed to fuel dedicated vehicles. RFID tags identify employees and vehicles. All activity are registered in a data base. The control system is based on a blueberry NDL485 data logger.